Can’t add craigslist feed

When I try to add a craigslist feed I get an error saying it does not point to an RSS feed.

Perhaps NewsBlur is being blocked again?

Looks like we haven’t been unblocked since the last time. Do me a favor and make some noise on their forum and customer support emails. > Suggestions/feedback > Contact

I emailed them:

Hi Craigslist, I run NewsBlur, an RSS news reader. A significant number of users subscribe to Craigslist RSS feeds and NewsBlur fetches them. The problem is that NewsBlur is hitting HTTP 403 Forbidden errors when fetching. This worked for years and I do not believe you have announced any policy changes.

Would it be possible to whitelist/allowlist NewsBlur? I would be happy to provide a range of IP addresses. In fact, here they are:
< snip >