Can be blocked from taking over a tab?

Whenever a feed goes to in a feed with a Story View the tab is reloaded with the full story and newsblur must be reloaded in a new tab. This happens a lot on the Hacker News feed with Chrome. They have javascript that prevents their site from being displayed in a pane.

Its especially irritating when a story is the latest story so just clicking on the feed dumps you out of newsblur.

So I guess I’m asking if it’s possible to a)block the story from taking over the tab even if it means just putting a message on the content pane explaining why that particular feed entry is not allowed to be displayed and b)flagging nytimes stories in particular so we know not to try to view them in the content pane as we are clicking on stories we are interested in or c) automatically opening up the story in a new background tab instead.

3 Likes does this as well, but at least you get a popup notifying you that it is about to happen. Unfortunately you only have the option of clicking on Ok.

I have this bug with too

This has come up a number of times, and I used to detect it and then prevent it from happening in the future. But it was per-user and prone to failure if your browser didn’t hit my iframe buster buster in time (there is about a 100-150ms gap where it is possible to prevent the iframe from taking over).

I monitored how many folks were hitting those iframe busters and then automatically being re-routed to the Feed view for those feeds. The idea was that the setting would be preserved, but there were some bugs around it.

So today I’m launching a much broader fix for this bug. If you tell me the site, I’ll add it to a blacklist for the Original view. Right now I have and I also added some additional warning icons to the appropriate views when on either of those two sites, thereby blocking the Original view and the Story view.

See the commit here:…. Thanks for all of your help in getting this fixed once and for all.

Thanks Samuel,

When does this get deployed live? How does it affect stories linked to from the Hacker News feed?

It’s live, but you’re right. The original-page blacklist (nytimes, twitter) lives on the server, so only entire sites can be prevented from going into Feed-only mode. You want it at the story-level, which is a bit more work. I just completed it and I think you’ll like the changes. It’s pretty smart about whether you use ‘enter’ to temporarily open the story (same as double-clicking a story title), or whether you read the entire Site on the Story view and one story (with ‘nytimes’ or ‘twitter’ in the url) temporarily puts you into the Feed view. But as soon as you go to the next story, it switches back to the Story view.

And I even put in an override if you desperately want to load the site in the Story view. Just click the Story view button when you are temporarily in the Feed view. Let me know how that works for you. It may need more sites to ban from showing in the Original/Story views, and I’d be happy to add those. Deployed to production and dev.

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That works perfectly! It really preserves my workflow. Thanks once again!

Okay, I think it works with now. I went to a link to… in Hacker News and the frame buster prompt came up and redirected the tab to the article instead of showing the Feed View for that article.

Ahh, I only added stackoverflow, not stackexchange. Adding now.

This has started happening to me on several feeds in the last week. I *think* this is the same issue kinda/sorta reported here and in these additional threads?……

At any rate, a few site (like strobist) have the behaviour of working allright in Feed mode, but the minute I hit “Enter” to see the original story, the webiste totally takes over my whole tab.

I foremost want to smack the site devs who write code that does that, but more importantly, I just want to stay in NewsBlur. :stuck_out_tongue:

I need to re-write this, because right now I have to duplicate a full blacklist on both server and client. It’s just not feasible to keep adding to this list. But if it’s a high-profile site, I can add it now.