Can no longer scroll the last item to the top of the screen.

I recently noticed that I can no longer scroll past the end of stories in any feed (or the show all stories view). You used to be able to do this, and it is probably more obvious when using J/K to navigate (but still effects mouse wheel scrolling as I am focusing on the top of the screen), where it would snap the currently active story to the top of the page, now if you have say 10 unread stories it will only do this when there is content off the bottom of the page so it will work for the first few stories then once the last story is on the screen it will only move the arrow on the side and mark the story as read.

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I changed some things about a week ago, but it shouldn’t have broken things. Problem is the combo of your settings may be something I didn’t test. Please tell me your view (List, Full, Split) and if you’ve locked the mouse position indicator on the left side of the screen.

Ah ha, seems I had some how managed to unlock the mouse position indicator, something I didn’t realise was possible.