Can I remove Slashdot comments?

Hi! The Slashdot feed shows the top 5 user comments below the text (trapped in a hard to scroll iframe of sorts). Is there a way to disable that? (that is, not showing that iframe). Thank you!

You’ll have to rewrite the feed. Since you’re reading /. I assume you might have the chops to be able to do that. But it’ll take a script that takes the original feed in and cuts it up.

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Right, it makes sense (and I appreciate the faith :grin: and quick answer). Just wanted to check if there was an option not to render such elements before getting my hands dirty. Thanks!

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Done. For future reference, sed 's/<iframe.*iframe>//g' did the trick. Now I can use the curating powers of the crowds without losing faith in humanity by avoiding the comments.


I recently found, a replacement for the old Yahoo! Pipes that allowed me to build a version of that RSS without the toxic comments. Here it is if anyone wants to subscribe:

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