Can I control the update/refresh interval?

I’d love to be able to have all my feeds refresh just once a day. (It helps me stay away from the computer.) Is there any way to set this up?

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I’d love to just stop it refreshing while I’m in the middle of scrolling through unread items.

You could turn off notifications and only choose the time(sl that you want to look.

Soon the NewsBlur Pro subscription will allow for boosted feeds and I’ll probably build it in on a per feed basis as an extra $1/month/feed. But this automatically boosts the feed fetch interval to 5 minutes at a minimum.

This is basically the opposite of what you want. In your case I’d turn off notifications and turn off the unread counts in the app so you only see stories when you go to them. I use widgets for things like this, and NewsBlur has terrific iOS and Android widgets.

That does not really work, at least for me, because then I tend to open the site in moments of weak will.

What I would ideally want is if NewsBlur would send me a notification (on mobile) or updated its site for me just once a day with all the new content that has arrived. Thinking about it, that is something that would make me consider paying for it.