Can Blar be added to the Barnes & Noble App Store?

Can Blar be added to the Barnes & Noble App Store? I’m getting major mileage out of it on my Android phone, but having it on my Nook Color would be the bee’s knees.

The Nook devices don’t have access to the Google Play store or allow app sideloading (unless you root the device).

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Hey there, I’m the developer of Blar.

I took a look at the Barnes and Noble App Store and applied for submission. If my application is accepted, I’ll try submitting Blar. I don’t own a Nook Color, though, so I will not be able to test the app before submitting it.

The B&N App Store doesn’t appear to be as open as the Google Play store, unfortunately.

If anyone happens to have a rooted Nook Color, it would be good to know how Blar works on it!

I own a NookColor, but I run Cyanogenmod 9 on it. Blar runs beautifully on the tablet, can’t say how it fares on B&N’s version of Android though.

There is one tiny thing that Blar could be doing better: Using the dark theme, the screen briefly flashes bright white when switching between articles, which is quite annoying when reading in the dark.

Relatedley: Hanoran, can you create a GetSatisfaction list for the Blar app? I have half a dozen bugs and improvements to log, should you want to work on them.


Barnes and Noble has accepted my application to become a Nook Developer. I’ll be submitting Blar after I’ve finished working on a bug fix update that should be done soon.

I’ll look into setting up a GetSatisfaction list, but until then you can report issues and request improvements here: Submit a Blar issue.