Can anything be done about small feed images?

I’m coming from Feedly and I’ve noticed that some feeds in NewsBlur (reddit for example) have very small images in the feed: 128x128 pixels. While an example reddit image from Feedly has this:

Feedly: 1,200px × 800px (scaled to 580px × 387px)

It doesn’t look like Feedly is upscaling the image. They must be pulling it from the linked article.
Any suggestions?

Got an example feed? I’d love to take a look. It’s these sorts of issues that I’m working on in

Looks bad: Food Porn

Looks reasonable: Slickdeals Frontpage RSS Feed

Looks really good: Serious Eats

Here’s some examples comparing Innoreader and Newsblur:

Innoreader Expanded View:

Newsblur Full View:

Innoreader Card View:

Newsblur Grid View:

The Innoreader images are sharp and large. The Newsblur images are not (at least with Reddit). Click on the images to compare. I tried to get some images from Feedly, but I’m having trouble adding reddit rss feeds in Feedly.
I love everything about Newsblur, except this issue. I’m a paid supporter.

So NewsBlur does pull in the larger image from the original story (the Text view), but in this case of Reddit’s subreddit, the Text view isn’t pulling a larger image, so no larger image is shown. The problem is that this is upstream in Postlight’s Mercury Reader, which is pulling the text for NewsBlur. I’m not sure what the solution is apart from coding in a reddit-specific exception, which I haven’t done for other sites.

Do you have any other sites that exhibit this behavior?

Reddit affects me most. Most articles from image-heavy subreddits can’t be read from Newsblur because the image is too small to see or read the text in the image. And because reddit includes so many subreddits, many of which are image intensive.

Hacker News Feedly 1,500px × 750px (scaled to 580px × 290px), Newsblur 300px × 150px - Blu-ray Disc news Feedly 640px × 775px (scaled to 580px × 702px) Newsblur 156px × 189px

OMG, you fixed it. Thank-you Samuel. You’re great!