Caching the future

It would be nice if you pre-fetched the stories so that switching to a new feed showed stories more quickly. I leave NewsBlur up in a tab all the time. When I look at it after several hours of idleness, you could easily have fetched everything so that I don’t have any delays as I ‘n’ my way through all the stories.


I really like this idea. Eager fetching the first X unread stories (in their applicable view format) would probably speed up the perceived performance a lot and we could stop having to watching that blue “fetching…” bar quite so often.

And it would also be useful (in the mobile apps and possibly the browser client) when there is a break in connectivity (e.g. reading on London Underground …)

Mobile will have a special offline ability that will be based on choosing which sites you want to read offline. I may take a look at allowing you to choose sites you want to load instantly, with premium users being able to select up a certain number. Hmm, that’s an interesting idea.