Button "FOCUS" missed/gray in Chrome

Button “FOCUS” missed in Chrome (Version: windows 32.0.1700.107 m).

But IE (11.0.9600.16476) haven’t this problem.

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Huh, that’s odd. Samuel said he fixed that 17 days ago, https://getsatisfaction.com/newsblur/…

Displays find in chrome for me.

Try doing a hard refresh of the page, Ctrl + Shift +R. If that doesn’t do it try pressing F12 then right-click the refresh button and select “Empty Cache and Hard Reload”. If that doesn’t do it I guess Samuel didn’t quite fix it :stuck_out_tongue:

I did the “hard reload” and “Empty Cache and Hard Reload” but no help.

I’m now using the keyboard shortcuts “+ / - SWITCH FOCUS/UNREAD” for workaround.

Seems the issue wasn’t quite fixed then.

You might want try making the sidebar wider, if it is the same issue presenting itself the problem is with how the button collapses when the sidebar go below a certain width.

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Oh, u r right! problem relate to the size of sidebar. Then i resize it width to more thin or large. The button visible again. Then i change it back to original size button gone again. -_-!!

This should definitely be fixed, though. The limits I have set should take care of this bug. And I tested in Chrome on Windows, but I bet you have a different font installed, which can happen if you have Adobe products installed.

That’s definitely Verdana. Even took a screenshot to compare with to make sure.

Here’s something curious though, I noticed that the text on the intelligence buttons is larger on Antonios screenshot, other dimensions are correct though so it isn’t browser zoom.

I used Chrome’s developer tools to change my font-size for the intelligence buttons, looks like Antonios is using 12px instead of the standard 9px. With my font-size set to 12, or anything above 10 really, I can replicate the issue in both Chrome and Firefox.

As far as I know the only font size setting Newsblur has is for the feed content? Antonio, are you any addons that might be changing the font-size?

In any case, the issue occurs at a very specific range (span seem to be roughly 240 - 249 pixels) of sidebar width with a non-standard font-size above 10px for the intelligence buttons. Just so you know what to test for should you decide to try and fix a tiny bug occuring with non-standard formatting :stuck_out_tongue: