Bunch of items in feed suddenly unread

Get on Newsblur this morning 258/11 unread for the Verge, “wow they must have gone on a ridiculous posting spree” I thought… No, a mass of items (maybe everything?) since the 21st of March has just suddenly become unread.

I had intentionally  left some items unread in there so I could get to them later but I guess I can forget about that now…

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There’s always been something fishy with the Verge’s feed. This has happened before. I’m not sure why, but the work I"m attempting to do on the official Google Blog (in another thread) may fix this one.

How about Rock, Paper, Shotgun? Regular feedburner rss (http://feeds.feedburner.com/RockPaperShotgun).

Suddenly had a bunch of old items become unread there too, oldest was March 5. Wasn’t everything up till now that got marked unread though, I marked everything older than 7 days as read and only had a few recent items left unread.