[BUG] THIS IS SCARY. Folders disappearing?

I’m a paid subcriber using the service for a week. But I just got this issue which is really scary, Hope it is a minor thing and no big deal becasue it is making me doubt about the service and think of it as very unrealiable.

Here is the issue. I have a folder with three feeds within a folder. Sddently I could not see the folder but I can see the feeds are still in newsblur. Is there a way to “hide” a folder? Why I can’t see the folder anymore?

The feeds that I cant see I know are still in newsblur because if I go to my ‘Activities’ section, it says “you subscribed to “WSJ.com:Page One” 5 days ago”. And I can click the “WSJ.com:Page One” and see the feed. Where is this feed? Why I can’t see it?


Um, haven’t ever had this happen. Maybe you are in the Unread mode? You can go to the ALL mode and then manually refresh the feeds

Are you in Unread or All mode? I haven’t heard of folders disappearing before, but it’s possible they are just overly eager to be hidden. You might be in Focus mode as well. (I really should make it more obvious when everything is hidden that you’re in a focus mode).

I had the same scare, and was indeed in Unread mode. Once I got used to it, I think it’s great – but I’m a Reader refugee, and Reader just grays out feeds with no new stories.

Again, I definitely prefer the way Newsblur does it – but might be a good item for a “Reader refugee” FAQ

I am in All mode.

I ultra confirmed this. I even changed to “Unread”, “Focus” and then back to “All” mode. The folder and feeds are still not visible.

The folder/feeds may not be “hidden” and actually be “deleted” because I realized in my ‘Activity’ I can actually see the feed but then if I try “move to folder” the function is not available, and I confirmed that function works okay for other feeds.

That said, questions.

  1. the my ‘Activity’ is supposed to show I deleted folders or feeds?
  2. Is there a way to see what feeds have been deleted? (is there any way to confirm the deletion either on my end on your the back end? sorry I am so concerned on this because I think is impossible I deleted the feeds so I am worried to continue using the service with the fear folders may suddenly dissapear)