Browser notifications for new RSS items

I spend a good part of my day in front of my computer, and as such have open in a dedicated tab. I don’t pin the tab because when it’s pinned, then I can’t view the unread count.

So how about this: Most modern browsers support notifications. Can you enable NewsBlur to send my browser a notification of a new news item?

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Ok, this idea must be on everybody’s mind, because I’ve been thinking about it all week. I’m planning to build a full notification feature that will allow android/ios push notifications, browser push notifications, as well as possibly other types of notifications.

I need to know the workflow people want though. Do you want to choose feeds/folders to be notified of new stories? With just a switch between Unread Only or Focus Only? That would be a nice easy scope to build. Custom notification-only training would be harder, though, and I think out of scope.

Personally, I’d only want notifications for focus stories. I don’t need my phone going off every 5-10 minutes because a new item arrived.

Yes, that’s certainly the case I described above. I plan to support choosing whether you want Unread Only or Focus Only (just as folder rss feeds do now). Im just wondering if that’s enough granularity, but I think it is, as you can train to move stories to Focus.

I think what you described above, especially being able to choose feeds/folders would be enough. I like the idea!

Specific feeds and folders would be nice. I don’t use the “Focus” feature of NewsBlur, so I can’t say. I don’t even use the folders feature actually since I only subscribe to like eight RSS feeds. Now that being said, they’re all high volume feeds! :smiley:

I agree that being able to choose Focus Only or Unread Only. Look forward to this!
A bonus would be able to at the site or folder level turn it on or off within that.

I do use the focus feature, but I wouldn’t want notifications for all my focus feeds. I would want the ability to choose specific feeds, that I want notifications from.

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