Broken view of content

Sometimes, during normal usage of NewsBlur, all the content will get shifted out of view, and the only way to return the view to a readable window is to resize the window or reload. Example of the broken view is in the picture. Any idea?

Are your stories moving back and forth between Feed view and Text view? Are you using the Story view? Is the story content pane shifting around while reading? If you were to resize the browser window, does it fix itself?

Hi Sam. I only use Feed View, so I had to wait for the bug to happen again (and also remember that I need to respond to this post!)

I run into this bug on my laptop and desktop (both linux/firefox, if that matters). When I switch to Text View, the content looks correctly formatted, and switching back to Feed View also displays the content correctly. Resizing the Firefox window will also cause the content to correctly format.

I’m able to reproduce the bug. I use a plain installation of DWM for desktop. If I open up firefox on a workspace and navigate to NB, then open up a new window, the content gets shifted and needs to be reset. Could be a Tiling WM thing, but I think it’s happened to me on GNOME too.

I create a video demonstrating the broken view on window re-sizing:

Interesting what’s going on but I’m not able to reproduce it on my Mac. It might be a FF on Linux thing where the resize event isn’t being sent properly to the website when the window is abruptly changed in size. I’m not sure how to make that happen, because when I resize the window, the resize event triggers and everything works, as happens for you.