Bookmarklet not working

Hey. So the bookmarklet hasn’t worked for me for about a week now. In Firefox 83.0, it throws Uncaught SyntaxError: expected expression, got '&'. Same is true in OSX and Windows; disabling ad-blocking plugins and tracking protection has no effect. Any ideas?

Thanks for letting me know! I did break it this weekend with the infrastructure upgrade and it should now be working again.

My hero! Confirmed it’s working again. Thanks again for all you do~

And got it again:

(Chrome incognito, no adblock, Win10) On any article I’m getting in console Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘<’ pointing to here:

Article example: The Politics of the Culture Wars in Contemporary America

Bookmarklet is freshly installed from site.

Oh no doubt I broke it last week when I shipped the new asset pipeline. I’ll get it fixed today.

(not working)

Turns out this is a far more involved fix, so I’ll need to take another few days to work on it. This’ll be fixed early next week is my guess. Thank you for your persistence and patience.

This has now been fixed. Thanks again!

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The bookmarklet doesn’t currently seem to work for me either, I got the following error:

Thanks, Andrew

It’s working for me, what’s the url of the article you’re trying to share/save?