Bookmarklet no longer working

See topic! It seems that as of today 6/11, the bookmarklet is not showing up for me on any page anymore? I tested it on multiple browsers (Chrome, Vivaldi) and on multiple computers and doesn’t seem to work in any configuration. Anyone else have this issue?

Oops, I broke it yesterday when I deployed some big changes in anticipation of the upcoming dark mode. I’ll get it fixed today!

Now fixed!

Great to hear, thank you!

Just tested the bookmarklet and it’s working everywhere except on twitter. I really liked being able to share individual tweets, seems this is no longer working?

I don’t think it was working before on Twitter. Looking into it it seems they have a policy directive on the page that tells the browser not to allow third-party scripts. Outside of writing a browser extension, the bookmarklet just won’t work on a site with that content security policy.