Blurblogs/conversations in web interface -- feature request

So, this is getting pretty specific, but…I like to set people’s blurblogs to “unread only” in the web interface, so that I can just check out what’s new. However, when a conversation gets going on someone’s share and I click the heartbeat icon in the sidebar to go to the comment, I’m then in their blurblog with only new stories showing. Since I’ve already read the item, it doesn’t show up in the list and I have to set the feed temporarily to “all stories,” then usually click the icon again to refind the item. Is there a way someday that things we’ve commented on could automatically show up in a feed whether they’re read or not? Or maybe even just if there’s new activity on them? Or have a whole new “conversation” view, maybe? This is such a minor thing in a service I absolutely love–just an idea in the ongoing quest for perfection. Thanks as always.

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Yes, this is the Comment Feed that has been discussed before. I’ve been wanting to build it since forever, but it’s not easy. I’ll count this as a vote for it.


Should have known you’d already have thought about this–thanks!