Blurblog rss does not include comment added by me

Hello Sam,

I’m posting this as a problem as it prevents me from doing the kind of stuff I like, but feel free to reject this.

I’d like the RSS feed to include my comment in some field of the feed so that further RSS readers (such as the ifttt reader) can pick this up and build a nice post on some other social website…

Cheers, and thanks for newsblur, greatest than ever :slight_smile:


Yup, I’d like to put it in, but I haven’t figured out how to style it. Since it’s RSS, I don’t have any markup or styling, so I just have to insert your comments somewhere. Not sure how to make it look good.

Was just about to suggest this myself this morning. When this comes along I’d love for it to include a Reply link that takes them to the relevant spot on my blurblog page.

I added this to this month’s priority list. Let’s hope it gets done. Wonderful feature I’d like to build.

Sorry to necrobump, but did this ever get done?

My blurblog gets followed by IFTTT, which posts to Twitter. It would be really cool to have my comment in there too if there is one.

You can post your comment directly to Twitter (and linking to either your blurblog or to the post directly, an optional preference in settings) when sharing stories. As for the comment in the RSS feed, it’s there but like all RSS feeds, the comment is not separable by machine unless you use a regular expression to cut it out.