Blurblog as archive

I use my blurblog as an archive of stories that I found useful and may wish to refer to again in the future.  However, I am not sure if it is possible to search the content of the blurblog or to force the browser to render the full text of the blog so that I can search it or at least an OPML of the shared items.

Could you advise how to find keywords among previously shared items on my Blurblog and/or to download the OPML of it?


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Still hoping to be able to download an OPML of my blurblog.

Any update on that?


I kind of see what you’re looking for but I’m not sure that OPML is the way you want to do it. As far as I know, OPML stores website subscriptions but not the stories themselves. If you want your shared stories, there’s already an RSS feed published for your account (right click on your blurblog > Site Settings > RSS feed).

Oh I didn’t read the first post until after I made my post. If you want to search, you should be able to search directly in NewsBlur. I just tested it and it works well.

Thanks Samuel.

where do I click to find the RSS feed? David

Right click on your blurblog above under All Shared Stories

Got it. Thanks.

Could you please point me to the documentation to get entries 26+ from the feed?

The feed doesn’t seem to publish a continuation link.



Hi Samual,

I’m keen to learn how to download a list of the pages referred to on my blurblog. Can I do this via the RSS feed, or do I need to reverse engineer the blurblog XHR paging mechanism and extract it?


No need to reverse engineer anything. The API is documented and published at The NewsBlur API. It’s the same API the XHR paging mechanism (what I call the asset model, in media/js/reader/assetmodels.js), and you can use that to page through stories. Should be straight-forward and take only a few lines of tutorial-level code.

And if you’re proud of your script, post it here!