Blog Steals NewsBlur Tab

I have an RSS feed in my account that when it opening in the story pane takes over the entire tab and I have to uses my browser’s back button to get back to NewsBlur. This is annoying and disruptive, especially when in conjunction with the automatic opening of the first item in the feed list (which I intend to file as a request to disable once I’ve searched the previous reports, as I don’t like this either)

The link (taken from NewsBlur, previously imported from Google Reader) is…



An easy fix. Right click on the feed and open Site Settings. From there select Feed view. That way the feed will open in the Feed view. Do not open the Story or Original view, but the Text view should work great (which you can get to by hitting shift+enter).

Thanks for your response but I don’t think this is working as intended. I select Feed as the method in Site Settings, but I use this feed inside a folder and selecting a story from this site while browsing the folder still causes the entire tab to be hijacked.

Do I have to have this feed outside of a folder just to enforce the Feed view?