RSS Feed Problem



It seems that the feed for is not working, but it works from my browser
Could you please check?




No one?

The Feed in the website is working perfect but not on newsblur… :frowning:


Well that’s an odd one, visiting the feed in the browser works fine as you say, but according to the site settings in Newsblur the Newsblur feed crawlers are getting 503 Service Unavailable errors.


visting the link doesn’t work for me as i’m blocking js. i get a cloudflare ddos protection page.


I’m using a local RSS reader and everything is working fine but newsblur servers seems to be banned from the site


Looks like CloudFlare is to blame. I emailed Bleeping Computer trying to get to the bottom of this…

Hi Bleeping Computer, I run NewsBlur, an RSS news reader. It seems NewsBlur is no longer able to fetch your site’s RSS feeds because it’s protected by CloudFlare. Is it possible you added or increased CloudFlare support in the past month? I’d love to have an exception made so NewsBlur can fetch your RSS feed every few minutes. Thanks!