Black Friday Filter (Global Training Could Save The Holidays)

Honestly, this is just another request for global training. I know this has been brought up and shot down before, but the inability to create global training rules has been and continues to be Newsblur’s one great shortcoming for me.

Every year about this time (a little earlier each year really) this becomes especially apparent. I would LOVE to be able to set up a global rule disliking anything having to do with Black Friday sales. 

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Well this is one use case I can understand. It’s just a nightmare of UI complexity to support global filters. You’d have to consider what the filters look like when training an individual story and an individual feed. Having a checkbox that says “Actually no, this is a global classifier” is not going to be pretty.

What if the training popup was in two sections, “Global” and “Local”, with the ability to drag and drop rules? Or just have “Global Title Rules”, etc (See my really poor mockup of the later)

Seems like a recipe for disaster. What I think would need to happen is that global classifiers get their own dialog, to fully separate them. But that makes it difficult to compare what’s global and what’s feed specific. 

Global classifiers would also be on folders, of course, but that’s its own set of problems. It’s also a boatload of work (on three platforms: web, iOS, and android) for a niche feature. In a world of unlimited time and money, I would certainly get to it. But there’s dozens of higher priority tickets that will have to move forward first.

“Disaster” seems a little dramatic… :slight_smile: But I hear you on work, priorities and all that. But I had to try. I really wish I could just not see april fools or black Friday. I guess I could switch to Basqux for a couple months each year :slight_smile: Seriously though, thanks so much for Newsblur and all the hard work you put into not just building it, but supporting it.