Bing News RSS Feeds


Wondering if NewsBlur has a way of dealing with Bing News search feeds. For example,

The problem is that different URLs are generated for the links when there are updates. So, duplicate results occur in every feed reader I’ve ever tried them in.

If not, I understand, it’s on Bing’s part. But I’m just making sure there isn’t a setting somewhere that would assist with this.

NewsBlur tries to de-duplicate if the story is long enough (> 100 bytes) but the url changes. So it’s worth a shot, but I would think search results wouldn’t be long enough to trigger the de-duplication algorithm.

I tried it and got duplicates. No big deal. The only solution I know of is to set the results parameter for 24 hours and then check for new entries every 24 hours. I have a separate program I do that with.