Billing screw up

I signed up for a 1 month sub @$3.00. I check my bank today and you billed me $36.00…wtf? My user name is fhs3 and you owe me $33.00 I believe. I understand you are growing at hyperbolic speed and things get screwed up. Please show me your business ethics are as good as your site. If you need me by phone: 402-253-9928 or email:

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You signed up for $36 / year. It’s very clearly displayed as $36/year. I’d be happy to offer you a full refund.

I’d appreciate it. I wanted to do 1 month to evaluate it for my needs. Then I’d probably do the year. I understand that this was probably (99% likely) my error but I sure seem to remember clicking the $3 radio button. Whatever, I appreciate the speedy reply. Can you refund less than the whole amount to cover the monthly charge or do you want me to start over? Also Samuel, could point me to a tutorial about importing an xml file? One last thing, the system does not want to log me in. I confirmed the addy so something went sideways. Would you check for I’ll log in with FB till then

Thanks for the support…


So what do you want me to do? I only offer full refunds, not partial refunds.

Refund me and I’ll re-subscribe.


Thanks, I appreciate the service!