Billed for more than I should have been


I got a notification of a failed billing attempt for $24 (I’ve been a premium member for several years) and when I went through the process to update my billing info it charged me $36 and acted like I was a new premium member. Should I have done something differently? This doesn’t seem right.



Hi Paul, I’ve moved the price up to $36/year to better fund NewsBlur’s expenses. The reality is that it costs a lot of money to run and grow a service like NewsBlur and I’m working hard to make it better every day. But to do that I need to move revenue to a place where it can better grow NewsBlur. Eventually all accounts that were grandfathered at the various price points will be moved into the sustainable $36/year rate.

Thanks again for going premium!

I totally get that. Just seemed odd that it first tried to charge one amount and then another after the card update. I’m happy to pay the new amount, but more clear communication on changes like that would be appreciated.

Thanks for continuing to support and improve this wonderful service!