Better organisation of Saved Stories

I’d like to see the option to either group Saved Stories by feed, or to group them by user-defined tags (like “need to read”, “share at work”, “keep”, “need to watch”, “show to Kevin”, etc). The current list sorted by date is difficult to navigate when you have a lot of stories saved. Does anyone else like the sound of this?


Take a look at It’s all built and nearly ready to go. I’m planning on launching it next week.


Nice work!!! I like that when I click “Save” on a story, it automatically tags it with the folder name, and I can expand the Saved section in the list of feeds to show a list of tags. I might need to reorganise my folders a bit to make better use of this but I love your work!!

Is it possible for “untagged” to appear in the list of tags on the left hand side under “Saved Stories”? Showing a list of stories without tags would make it easier to sort articles we’ve already saved. Cheers.