Better misbehaving feeds handling

It’d be nice if misbehaving feeds were periodically retried.

Occasionally, a feed will suffer a brief outage, and if feedblur checks it during that time, it’ll be marked as failed, until the user manually retries it.

This means I occasionally mis items in feeds that are important to me. And it’s only after a couple of months that I realise I haven’t seen any updates on $foo in a while.

It’d also be great to have a misbehaving feeds overview page, so one doesn’t have to dig through all the folders, looking for them.


So NewsBlur actually does do this, to some extent. If a feed “goes bad” and start giving 500 errors, NewsBlur will schedule feed fetches in longer and longer time increments, hoping one day that the feed will return. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen correctly right now.

As for the collection of mis-behaving feeds, I love that idea. I’m going to be converting the front-end to a backbone.js backed foundation, and this is something that I’ll be able to do with ease when that time comes. I’m presenting on the backbone-ification at the end of May, so sometime around then I’ll be able to get to this.

Any progress on the overview for misbehaving sites?