Beta 13.x: entire folder of stories is missing after reading one

turns out this is my common workflow and it’s suddenly broken.

  1. tap into a folder
  2. tap onto a story
  3. swipe right back to folder
  4. swipe right back to full river

Once the last step is done, that entire folder shows an empty story count (eg as if all were read). If I refresh the river the remaining story count comes back, and if you tap into the “empty” folder all of the unread stories will show. However if you repeat the steps on another folder (say, “folder B”), then “folder A” is missing and doesn’t reappear until a river refresh.

I have a screen recording, I can email it to Samuel if wanted.

This is 13.0.0b3, but it was probably broken in the earlier betas as well- not specifically from b3.

@andrei can weigh in on what’s going on, but know that we’re working on a solution.

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great, happy that I was able to communicate the bug decently enough.

@tedder42 Please send the recording to me

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user @rtreborb is having it too, they’re following over here but just an FYI.

I put it in a new thread to not cause noise over there and not expand the bug report with a second bug. doh!

@tedder42 thanks for sharing the video with us. There was an issue with the release build variant which has been addressed.

installed B4, confirmed that fixes it! thanks!