Beta Android app crashing (v13.0.0b1)

Looks to have started this morning after the update was installed. Newsblur opens ok but crashes when I try to open story to read. Android 11, Samsung phone.

I was in the Beta program so thought it was that, I removed my self from that, then uninstalled and reinstalled and it’s still crashing.

The app doesn’t crash on my tablet, which is not updated from this morning…

The web site version (Chrome www) still seems ok…

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Very weird. Uninstalled the app again, restarted the phone, reinstalled the app and now it’s opening story’s correctly. Weird…

Thanks for reporting this. We’ll get it fixed ASAP, maybe today but most likely tomorrow.


Thanks Sam. I am having the same problem on a Galaxy S22. Uninstall, restart and reinstall does not work for me.

Thanks for reporting!
Issue has been fixed @samuelclay
Please push a new build to the beta channel.

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Ok, just deployed v13.0.0b2 which should fix the issue. Please post when everything works again!

13.0.0b2 resolved the general crash issue, but there’s still an error preventing stories from loading. I just submitted a crash report. Selecting a story as usual results in a flash then a return to the All Stories panel. Let me know if I can provide any more details.

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The fix didn’t help.

Both b1 and b2 crash when I select a story.

The fix did not help.

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Same here. b2 won’t load stories without either crashing or resetting.

Another issue has been fixed and it should be released very soon on the beta channel.
Thanks again for reporting these!

At first glance, everything appears to be working with version 13.0.0b3.

I installed the fix (b3), confirmed it works properly.

Hmm, something weird is going on, read one story and the whole folder disappears: Beta 13.x: entire folder of stories is missing after reading one

I’m seeing the same issue with unread and articles not displaying

  1. Refresh all feeds. Folder shows XX unread.
  2. Open folder. Only one unread article is shown.
  3. Back out of folder and folder now shows 0 unread.
  4. Refresh and folder again shows XX unread.

Sorry, I now see you created another thread with same description. I will follow that one for updates. Thanks!

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Fixed. Thanks a lot.