BBC News causes Newsblur session to expire

This problem started last week. I noticed that while reading my BBC News feed, new stories stopped loading. I waited a while and then refreshed newsblur and had to log back in.

I have found that I can read my other feeds just fine, but as soon as I start reading BBC News, I am logged out of newsblur.
The feed in question is:

note: I am using Firefox on Windows 10

This is alarming! I could not reproduce the bug, having tried all four views (original, feed, text, and story). Can you post a screenshot of it happening?

Not much to see. This is just after viewing a BBC article, then hitting n for next article, goes to the next article but doesn’t load anything.

I use the feed view. Although when I return to BBC after logging back in it displays the original view as if it doesn’t remember my preference for that site. All other sites behave normally and remember my view settings.

Can you show a screenshot on the BBC feed? Is it the same as

Yes, that’s the URL

For that feed, I would switch to the Feed view or Text view instead of the Original view.

I do use the Feed view, but part of the issue is that when I log back in it keeps returning to the original view for the BBC, and when I click on the feed it logs me out.

Just now I tried logging in and only right-clicking on the feed, going to site settings, and changing the reading view back to Feed. That seemed to fix the problem. I was able to read a bit of BBC, switch and read another feed, and go back and forth.

I was able to reproduce the problem by once again clicking on the “Original” view at the bottom of the page, which displayed the original view but logged me out again. After logging back in, the site settings had switched to “Original” and had to be changed back to “Feed” again.