Battery issues on iOS9?

I’m noticing that on my IPhone 6s+ that the NewsBlur app is the greatest user of battery both in Last 24 Hours and Last 6 Days at over 20% for both categories.
iOS is latest version (9.1). 
Anyone else seeing this?
I don’t have FB installed :wink:

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Do you have the beta installed?

Would you like me to?

Yes, the beta is made for ios 9.

I’ve added my name to the list using the form.

UPDATE: Last 24 hr is 22%, 7 Days is 25% with beta app

Got a screenshot of that battery list? I’d like to see all of the figures.

S ure:

I wish that showed how many hours of usage, as well. Anyway, that could be the result of image heavy or video heavy feeds. NewsBlur shouldnt be taking up any additional battery life when it isn’t actively fetching stories. Perhaps turn down the # of offline stories saved?

Within the app, within Preferences, “Download stories” is disabled.
I’ll monitor it.
Let me know if there is anything else that you would like me to try!

If you click the clock next to “Last seven days” it shows more information that might be helpful.