Basic command-line API use?

Looking into backing up my saved stories, I’m having trouble getting the most basic command-line API usage working. Any tips?

jsled@phoenix [~/tmp/nb]$ curl --cookie-jar cookies -d username=jsled -d password=secret   
{"code": 1, "authenticated": true, "errors": null, "result": "ok"}   
jsled@phoenix [~/tmp/nb]$ curl --cookie-jar cookies\_stories   
{"authenticated": false, "stories": [], "result": "ok", "feeds": {}, "message": null, "user\_profiles": []}   
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–cookie-jar writes the file and --cookie reads the cookies back from it


curl --cookie cookies\_stories…


Indeed, strange asymmetric command-line flags, though I can see why they’d do it that way.

Thanks for the repeated hint, after I didn’t believe you the first time. :slight_smile: