Bait and switch

Signed up yesterday for the free account and was told I got up to 60 subscriptions and Premium service was $12/year. Today I am locked down to 12 subscriptions and Premium is $24/year.

I realize the site is getting hammered with former Google Reader users but you can’t change the policy in the midst of sign-ups.


I agree somewhat. Although raising the price is understandable, I think there should’ve been a prior notice before raising a price and restricting free accounts to 12 subscriptions.

Even if it was a temporary measure, the only place where I could find out about what’s happening was twitter. Not in ‘new features’ section nor in the official blog.

I actually don’t mind any of these (choosing 12 sites is still enough for me, and I’m willing to pay 2$ per month if I need to), but I feel that we should have been notified where people can easily find out what has been changed.