bad formatting on one blog w/soundcloud embed

Two blogs I subscribe to embed the soundcloud player in some of their posts. In one of them it works well, while in the other the formatting (on both web and mobile) is bad. Can you take a look and send me an email with specifically what the bad one needs to do to fix it - assuming that the problem is on their end? I know some people there and can likely get the message to the right person. Alternatively, if their blog is formatted well, can you advise if you’ll be fixing newsbur? thx.


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What’s weird is that’s in the feed itself. Take a look:

It’s coming from the ```

 tags in the RSS. The 
``` tag has the correct HTML for the iframe.

The quicker fix is probably for the author of the site to tweak some WordPress markup and get this rendering properly. Longer-term, though, does NB need to be relying on ``` ``` for primary display of an article? In future, could a modification be made to use ``` ``` where available, and only fall back on ``` ``` as a backup?

I actually look at both summary and content and choose the longer one. You’d be surprised, as content is not always the right answer. Oftentimes, and I think this is the fault of some blogging software, summary is the long content and content is the shortened summary. So I left it up to length. But in this case that’s the wrong decision.

See here for the relevant code:…

They should just fix the feed, as this can’t be what they want.