Bad Astronomy feed not working in Newsblur

The Bad Astronomy feed doesn’t seem to be working in Newsblur:

The feed URL is:…

which only gives Bad Astronomy articles when loaded in a browser.

However, when I add this to Newsblur (…) I get some subset of all of Slate’s articles, possibly all the blogs.


This seems to have started really recently, around the time as the recovery from the Unfortunate Outage.

I had the same trouble with Bad Astronomy, but it seems to have straightened out now.

I might have been a temporary problem with the source feed.

There’s been a lot of goofiness with the feeds lately. Hopefully it will get straightened out when the admin gets back from vacation.

For example, Gold Box feed isn’t working at all on Newsblur, but the same feed works fine on Feedly, Go figure.

Still the same at the moment, in my newsblur list at any rate.

Looks like it was a problem with Slate’s feed. Here’s someone using Feedly to access a Slate feed (Dear Prudence), but instead is getting all site stories:…

So those stories were likely in the Bad Astronomy feed at some point. Then Slate fixed their feeds. There isn’t really an “un-publish” option in RSS/Atom, so the stories stuck around in NewsBlur.