Backup of feeds?

It seems that I have destroyed my feed list by reuploading it (to try to fix the sync issue then trying to clean it up a bit). Do you have any form of backup for stupid users like me? :x

I’ll digg into my dear time machine if not, I may have something to help but not sure… (and what is the process to totally delete everything before importing?)


I do keep daily backups. I also have backups from about a month ago fresh on my machine. Would this do or do you want yesterday’s backup?

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Email me your username and I’ll get you a backup. I’m heading out now, so it may be a bit before I can send it to you, unfortunately.

Emailed you a backup from three weeks ago.

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You’re the best ! (sorry, was sleeping, yeah timezones :stuck_out_tongue: ) \o/ I’ll sort it out AND be careful this time. Did I miss a way to mass delete feeds btw ?