Background thread for "send to instapaper"

When using the iOS 7 share/actions button to send an article to Instapaper the UI becomes completely unresponsive until the request is finished. It’s not clear if the URL is being sent to IP or if you missed the button. It would be less confusing if the sharing panel went away immediately and a spinner was shown until the request finished.

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Yeah, this is a mess. What’s worse is that the iOS app lets you tap more than once, so more than one copy of the article may end up in Instapaper.

I investigated this a bit a few months ago (I had done a little work on sharing in iOS NewsBlur earlier) and it seems to be that there really isn’t any provision in iOS for sharing taking any time, so you get the bizarre hangs that you’re seeing.… is a recently developed replacement for iOS sharing which looks more robust — I had bookmarked it back in October. I’d love to hook it up to NewsBlur but I don’t have the time at the moment; I may have some time in January, or perhaps someone else could get to it before then.

You know I had bookmarked overshare as well. It looks much better and I may try to prioritize some time to get that in for the next iOS version.