Axios feed misbehaving?

Just noticed getting “HTTP error 403” so am assuming the feed is now…gone? It looks like it has not worked since last week.

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403 means forbidden. not gone, but newsblur is blocked. you should ask axios about it.

I’ve emailed them as well. It’s one of my favorite sites.

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Thanks, Sam.

Any update from Axios?

Just checked on 2 different browsers which have plugins to derive RSS feeds from visited sites, and neither show any existing RSS feeds for Axios. Looks like they pulled their feeds in favor of their newsletters.

But you can still roll your own RSS feed using services like fetchrss

no, i can see the feed from the first post directly in waterfox. last post was a bit more than an hour ago.

Yeah they’re still blocking us. Try tweeting at them, that has worked before.

Nothing? If they’re going to be jerky, then I can live without their story’s…