Automatically save to Pocket

II think it would be a great improvement if clicking the Pocket link automatically added it to my queue instead of opening a new tab and having to confirm.

I guess the problem is that you would would need to handle the authentication in Newsblur but I’m so used to automatically saving to Pocket on Android with that it would be really nice on the web.

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I’d find that incredibly helpful - with the Pocket plugin for Firefox, I can save an item in Google Reader to Pocket in a single click, just from the headline. Replicating this in NewsBlur is essential for me.

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Yes. I would love this feature. I also used the similar feature in the Pocket’s Chrome Extension that added an “add to Pocket” button next to GR’s native star.

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I would definiteley love to have this feature - makes the brilliant experience (which I have with Newsblur already) even more fluent.

Another option is to expose the saved story list to ifttt. I was able to use an ifttt recipe to takes starred items in Reader and automatically add them to my Pocket queue. You might be able to bypass the authentication requirements by having the saved story list as an RSS feed on a private URL, much like Google does for private shared iCal feeds.

The one thing about opening the new Pocket window is that I can set my pocket tags before saving. Gotta set my tags…

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Yes, I used the same ifttt recipe for Google Reader apps that don’t support Pocket, so the equivalent for NewsBlur would be great. Add in a one-click (rather than the current two) way to save stories and I’d be extremely happy.

Could you make a simple keyboard shortcut for Pocket? Like J jumps foward one article, K jumps back, O opens the page, and P sends it to Pocket?

Like many I added the Pocket button to Google Reader which allowed me to send an article to Pocket by clicking an icon. If you could turn clicking into a keyboard shortcut you’d one up Google Reader.

Yes! please - this is also one of the first things I was missing when I started using Newsblur.

This would be a lifesaver! =)

Yes… ifttt for Saved to Pocket would be Perfect!

Having a browser window open when saving to Pocket is most annoying

agree about ifttt!

+1 for this.

if i right-click on any link within a story and hit ‘save to pocket’ it is instantly saved, but if i want to save the actual story itself to pocket using the icon in the newsblur menu, i have to go via a new tab.

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i see this is now a much improved one click to add to pocket - i’m now an even happier newsblur user :slight_smile:

That is a big improvement (now I only have to close the window - this is NOT meant sarcastic)

Would be perfect if it was possible without opening the window (the way many browser extensions for Pocket do it)

This is part of the big OAuth feature that I have on my priority list. If enough people want this, I’ll be happy to build it.

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