Automatic reloading

It would be awesome if the page kept reloading automatically, maybe using ajax or something. I hate having to refresh the page to view new content, and this feature would be awesome.

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NewsBlur already does this, at least for Premium accounts.

I have a premium account, and it doesn’t do this for me.

Next to the text “Premium Account” on the dashboard is a little progress bar; when I hover over it, it says “Updating sites in real-time…”. I’ve also witnessed this behavior, if I leave NB open in a tab, it will update itself with a new unread-item count; in fact, this occurred when I added my first comment to this issue.

I can’t really speculate why it’s not working for you; some browser extension or incompatibility, perhaps. But the feature does exist to some degree.

Also, simply hitting ‘r’ will force an ajax-y refresh without reloading the whole page, as well.

I think the intention here is that if you keep scrolling the feeds continue to populate much like what Google Reader would do. I also have a premium account, and while a little bar on the home screen says it’s updating in real time, it isn’t actually displaying the feeds in real time. You still have to manually refresh to see the updated material.

You shouldn’t have to ever refresh, regardless if you’re in real-time or not. Check on the dashboard in the top right, there should be a little blue loading graphic. When you hover on it it should say real-time. If it’s red, hovering on it will tell you that your unread counts are updated every 60 seconds (or so).

I see a gray loading graphic that says updating in real time… then when I click on my feeds (which is usually All Stories) I can scroll until the last story that was loaded when I clicked to open the feed. Anything after that point automatically updates in the counter, but I get the “Newsblur” logo at the bottom of the feed to let me know I reached the end and then have to hit “r” to refresh the All Stories feed and pick up from where I last loaded. It’s been that way for the 15 or so months that I’ve been a premium user.

Mine’s red and it says its updating sites every 96 seconds. Also, while the unread count keeps updating itself, in order to actually see the new items, I have to click on All Site Stories and wait for the page to reload.

Just curious if you had any ideas or updates for this issue Samuel. I still have it and experience it on every computer that I log in at. I see it at home, at my office and in other locations. Any idea what might be keeping my loading graphic grayed out or what I can do to try and fix it?

Check your plugins, try disabling all of them. It might be something disabling and web sockets.

I disabled all plugins and extensions that were running and I’m still grayed out. For what it’s worth I’m running Chrome Version 36.0.1985.125 both at home and at work, though I experienced the same issue in Firefox as well.

I don’t necessarily mind having to manually refresh. I was just a little surprised that apparently I was having an issue when I didn’t realize it. As I said earlier, this is just how Newsblur has worked for me since signing up for a premium account in March of 2013 so I have never known a different way.

I can confirm that while the read counts and folder tree contents refresh, if I leave All Site Stories *open* with read items, the All Site Stories *list contents* do not automagically refresh when new items are available; I need to re-“open” the All Site Stories list to get it to refresh.

Since I usually leave NB on the “dashboard” and only use “All Site Stories” incidentally to get at keyboard-based folder navigation, I never really noticed this before.

Mine stopped needing refreshing, but started again a few weeks ago. Sometimes I get as few as ten stories before having to reload the page. I’m on a paid sub.