Auto-renewal without credit card


Reserve Bank of India has brought in new regulations on recurring online transactions, and therefore banks are denying any recurring transactions until they implement whatever was requested of them.

In this regard, my renewal is failing as the CC’s issuer declined the charge.

  1. Can we pay instead via an Apple or Google Play managed subscription .
    The same restriction applies to them, but Apple has sort of built a “wallet area” to load cash into via netbanking.
    I installed the app, expecting the in-app purchase to go via the Apple payments route, but it doesn’t.

  2. Would you consider country-specific pricing?
    I understand you live in the US, but a $ is worth far, far more in many parts of the world, that it is in the “developed” countries.
    Something like should help.

  3. What do people without CC do; not everyone in the world has a CC.
    The world doesn’t love CC as much as the USA does.


Sure, you can use Apple Pay or Google Pay on iOS and Android respectively. On the web I accept both Paypal and Stripe, so if you don’t have a credit card, Stripe supports many other payment methods that will appear like a credit card that are linked to your bank.

Uh ok, I see only PayPal and “renew by credit card” in the website?
Could you show me where/how I can use Stripe as a gateway, such that it’ll accept sources other than cards?

I’m very close to launching the Premium Archive subscription, and with that comes a rewritten payments integration. On this branch I’ve got better support for Stripe Checkout which allows you to integrate bank accounts from worldwide. It should be out soon.

Oh and to solve your immediate issue, you can use Apply Pay or Google Pay in the native iOS and Android apps respectively.

Okay, thank you :+1:

I think PayPal is also possibly an option. I’m sure it was possible to setup a PayPal account using a bank account directly rather than a payment card as the funding source. Not sure if that’s on a territory specific basis though, am not familiar with the local banking regulations where you are.

PayPal is available but I don’t want to sign up for yet another website and worry about data safety there.
It was painful enough to clean it out when I did.