Auto add story tags and bulk load them from currently saved stories

Hey, loving the new saved stories tags. A a couple of thoughts…

  1. Could there be a preference to make auto adding the story tags the default rather than manual?

  2. For those of us who have been saving stories already, could we have an option to bulk load the tags from stories we have saved already rather than going back through everything to do it for each one?



I’m against adding preferences like this, since there is a fairly easy workaround. If more people vote for it, I would consider adding it.

As for existing stories, I might build a bulk importer, but it seems you really want the extra tags, which I won’t add to the bulk importer. It would just add folder tags.

The real solution is to implement per-feed saved stories. I have some ideas for how to implement this. It will probably be a fourth tab next to All/Unread/Focus/Saved.