Auto add feed with Custom URL

Is it possible to auto add via URL
I know about

Just wondering if you can add extra like url, custom title, the folder that you would like it to go in and the auto subscribe instead of having to click “add site”
I dont know if that makes sense but lets say I want to subscribe to Linus Tech Tips on YouTube

title=“Linus Tech Tips”
folder=“YouTube/YT Tech”

and newsblur url would look like“Linus Tech Tips”?folder=“YouTube/YT Tech” and then the function to auto add

Thanks in advance

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Yes this shouldn’t be too hard, as I already have an endpoint that handles this. It’s not pretty but this should work. You can also use a “new_folder” parameter to make a new folder. Remember to specify the “folder” as the parent folder.…

Thanks for the reply, The link is not working at both newsblur and getsatisfaction side.
So if the folder structure is

Would I put Android or IT or is there something else I would put to link them

I checked and the link works. Make sure you’re logged in. 

Oh, and folder names are unique, so you’d put in “Android” as the direct parent.

It’s working now was showing as not authorized

Brilliant thank you

What about the Title rename, Are you able to do it while adding or instead of “POST /reader/rename_feed”

really appreciate your help