Authenticated Feed Support


I’m trying to figure out if NewsBlur supports private, authenticated feeds? (using http basic auth) Does any one know if this works?

Here’s an example feed which includes images:



looks like that should work:

Thanks! Do you know anything about the privacy implications? That link talks about how all feeds are publicly accessible at a newsblur link.

i believe that is only true for feeds with a minimum number of subscribers, but @samuelclay can clarify

That’s correct, a feed needs to have 3 or more subscribers to be visible to other users without the feed address.

Thanks @samuelclay ! What constitutes a unique feed? Is it just the URL or in the case of authenticated feeds is it the combination of URL and credentials?

It would be the combination of credentials as well. I should really get around to handling this better, even if it uses the address format, I could at least have a form that shows a username and password setting under Site Settings.

Is there a way for me to set up private feeds that don’t use basic auth? Like private substacks?