Audio Podcast Player No Longer Displaying

Since the relaunch, the embedded audio player does not display in Firefox 14. I’ve noted this in both Win 7 and in XP. The embedded player flashes briefly, then disappears.

Otherwise, the redesign is handsome. When I get a bit more time, I’ll play around with the new features.

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Do you have the site name that this happens to? I’d like to try out the site to see if I can reproduce the issue.

Sure. It happens with all my podcast subscriptions, but I first noted it with… and with…

Thanks for looking into it

For what it’s worth, if I click on the ‘Blurblog’ icon, the embedded audio player reappears, though it doesn’t work

Any progress on fixing the embedded audio player? It still doesn’t work in Firefox, and although it appears in feed view in Opera, it doesn’t work there either.

Checked those sites and the audio embeds work great. I did fix it a few weeks back, so it’s possible they are fixed for you now.

They are not fixed, at least for me. I checked again in Firefox, and the player doesn’t appear. The player appears in Opera, but it does not play. Is there some setting or other that I need to change?

Good news! This has now been fixed for Firefox. Thanks for being persistent. You probably have no idea how many other people had this issue and didn’t bother to say anything. A huge, huge thanks for bringing this up.

Well thank you for fixing it! I tried again this morning and it worked for me in Opera. I haven’t tried Firefox yet. I am very relieved. I use NewsBlur as my main podcast player so I use this feature a lot.