As a user, when I load newsblur and pressing "n", I expect it to go to the next unread story in my "all site stories" view

When I load, my default context is “I want to see what’s happened lately with my feeds”. When I use the “n” keyboard shortcut, I expect it to take me to my most recent unread RSS entry across all my sites – specifically, in the “all site stories” view. Instead, pressing “n” takes me to the first unread story in my first feed – which is not necessarily my most recent unread RSS story. I have view all unread stories in that feed before “n” will move me on to my next feed.

I would expect “n” to drop me into “all site stories” by default, or failing that, I would like a different keyboard shortcut to jump to the “all site stories” view.


I don’t agree with this (I’d prefer to have it take me to the newest item in the current view, so if I’m looking at one site’s stream I want “n” to get me to the next unread item in that stream) - but I have another suggestion along the same lines.

Right now, pressing “n” takes you to the first unread item in your current stream, even if you’ve already passed its place in the stream (i.e., looked at it and marked it as unread or just kept it as unread). But I left those items unread on purpose - I don’t want to read them now. When I’m already in the middle of a stream I want “n” to take me to the next item below where I am in the stream. In other words, if I’m reading from newest to oldest, I want “n” to take me to the next unread item older than the one I’m currently looking at.