Arts & Letters sadly missed

This problem was posted about 10 months ago by someone else, but hoping there is some new resolution?

Arts & Letters Daily, one of my favourite feeds, which I followed with no problems on Google Reader will not work in Newsblur. The site shows up on my list of feeds, but always with zero articles and if I click on the feed link, Newsblur usually freezes.
I had originally imported from Google but tried deleting that and reimporting individually from Newsblur – but no go. Any solutions?


aldaily’s feed is corrupt, you could use…

My previous solution appears to be broken, but this will work:…

The workaround I instituted broke when I fixed the feed fetcher for another type of issue. But this feed is completely invalid. If you look at the feed, it is *explicitly* saying that all of the stories are exactly the same. There’s little I can do, since the feed doesn’t even have a GUID for any story and is using the same permalink.

They really need to fix their feed.

I’ve emailed them again, so let’s hope it works this time.

It really amazes me that a website this popular can have an RSS feed this bad… The Facebook RSS works really well though!

EDIT: I’m sorry, the Fb feed only appears to be doing something good.… however seems promising.

Good news, got a reply this morning!

Thanks Sam, will forward this along to the tech guys. Best,


David Wescott
Assistant Editor
Arts & Letters Daily