Articles remain Unread - Even after reading...

This seems to be happening with Hacker News ( ) articles:…

Some of them seem to be related to job posts…


Do they stay unread if you immediately refresh the feed, or do they come back to life after a while?


I dont know if it is related to the load issues youve had the last week but it looks like it is getting worse. It looks like it is only Hacker News articles. Instead of 3-5 stories keeping their unread status I think it is now 30+ articles.

Once sanity returns after dealing with the Google Tide can you take a look at it? It is also happening on

PS: Thanks for the shirt. My wife claimed it as her own within 0.5 sec of opening the package.

Having the same problem with the Ars Technica feed, there’s currently ~4 articles from two days ago which keep coming back when I reload.

Having this problem with Hacker News today. Stays stuck at 70, no matter what I do. The same articles keep showing up over and over again.

I can get the count below 70 but eventually, it sets it back to 70. Reloading the page doesn’t help. This happens on the feed itself and the folder it’s in.

I’m having the same problem with a few sites. Ars, Life Hacker, and a few more.

I’m seeing it as well with Ars, Slashdot and xkcd. Interestingly they do not cause an unread count to display.

The articles that are “stuck” are not the most recent, and are always the same articles. After I read through them so they appear read, I can immeditely click on “All Site Stories” and they are back in the list.