Articles not being marked read in Fiery Feeds and Lire

I’m having problems with articles not being marked as read with third party clients.

I’ll mark as read, but then the articles reappear on a fresh sync.

Behaviour happens in both Lire and Fiery Feeds. Fiery Feeds occasionally shows a 4xx error.

I use Unread, and it had this problem too. It seems that NewsBlur changed something that affects 3rd party syncing and causes this behavior. I worked with the Unread developer, and he was able to patch the app to get it working properly again. It seems that the apps themselves are going to have to be updated.

Ugh. What a pain.

I did make a change and that was to fix the issues with the API in how query strings were handled. Basically I enforce GET or POST as published on the API: It seems a few developers did not use the published method.

The changes I made were to upgrade Django which enforced this constraint. I don’t have the resources to version the API and allow both to exist, so I made the change when I felt it could be handled best by the developers. From what I can tell, new releases of each app should be out in the next week. And the official NewsBlur app should work in the interim.

Thanks Sam. :+1:

If had been one app I would have taken it up with the developer, but since it was two I figured there must be something else going on.

Hope the platform upgrades aren’t making you tear your hair out too much.

Thanks for the reply. Glad you cleaned up some code, and I’m sure the 3rd party apps will catch up.