Article text view - not open the website


it is possible to click an article an see it in text form?
For example: i want to read an article an click on it, now it opens the website, but it is possible to see the full article in newblur? Like a mobilizer?

Thanks a lot


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In the bar at the bottom there are four buttons for different views, Original, Feed, Text and Story. Sound like you want to click text. Note that the full text view is a premium feature.

Thanks a lot. Ok with premium i can open an article in newsblur in Textform? I mean newsblur loads the text from the Target side? Oh deam is my english bad:)

The text view extracts the text from the story in basically the same way as Instapaper and readability does. You can try it without getting premium. On the site it lets you read part of it before it cuts off. The mobile apps doesn’t care if you have premium or not and will let you use full text view either way.

Thanks a lot!