ArsTechnica article missing from Newsblur

I see an article on that I don’t see in Newsblur.

I see the article in the RSS feed [ ] so maybe it is a NewsBlur parsing error or a RSS feed construction error.

I haven’t checked if there are other articles missing. I just happened to see this one called out on another site, but didn’t see it in my feed.

Article URL:

RSS feed:

In the feed, it comes right between these two articles:
Google speaks to fuzzy game-ownership question in new Stadia FAQ
The electric Mini is going into production; deliveries start early 2020

Inside Newsblur I see those two articles, but not this one in the middle.

This is the URL for the missing article in the feed:
Raspberry Pi admits to faulty USB-C design on the Pi 4

any chance it has some keyword or tag you’ve trained red?

Yep. I subscribe to this feed, though I haven’t caught up in a few days. So I went and looked:

What’s your feed/site link? I’m using this one:

It uses this source:

There are 1169 subscribers to it in n’blur.

interesting that it’s a different feed (with 5000 subscribers). in any case, I see the Pi article in that feed too. Guess it’s up to the OP now.

User error on my part. Sorry!
I had somehow trained the tech tag as red on this site. Not sure how. I never use the training feature. Maybe a mis-tap on the iOS app.

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